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Jordi Escoda and Agustí Perelló have been friends since childhood and although their lives followed different paths, in 2006 they returned to meet at El Molar and little by little the idea of making wine together was taking shape. In 2010, his first vintage of just 200 bottles came out. Today they cultivate a total area of 3.5ha in different plots, some of which are their own and others are leased. The majority is from Carinyena (80%), there is some Garnatxa (15%) and a little Cab. Sauvignon (5%). They have just planted half a hectare. of white grapes.

The vineyards are located in the limit of DO Priorat and Montsant, although they are bottled without the DO umbrella.

The annual production is 3,500 bottles.

"Los Comuns" refers to an area of El Molar rockier and more difficult to cultivate, where they were forced to leave the villagers who once did not want to work for the landowners of the town. There was no property there, it was a kind of communal area where its inhabitants lived and exchanged food (almonds, olives, grapes ..). In this spirit of camaraderie and rebellion, this project emerges.

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