Sant Pere d'Ambigats

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Carlania Celler

Barberà de la Conca

Conca de Barberà

Variety:  Macabeu 80% Trepat 20% vinified as white grape.


Harvest at the optimum moment of fruit ripening. Vintage entry at 18-20 degrees.

Manual harvest with boxes of 18-20 kg through a rigorous selection of the best grapes at the vineyard. The vintage is pressed obtaining the first "flower must". The fermentation is spontaneous with the autochthonous yeasts of the grape. The temperature is controlled throughout the fermentation in stainless steel tanks of small volume. - 30% of the macabeu, once the density has dropped to 1028, goes to chestnut boots. After the alcoholic fermentation, we started with the work of mothers with battonage for almost 3 months. As soon as the Trepat grapes are pressed directly and fermented separately in stainless steel vats.

We do not add yeasts, enzymes or any other additive during winemaking or in the aging process. We do not filter or clarify our wines. The bottles may have some natural sediment and / or Co2. You have to aerate the wine once the bottle is opened. Each bottle is unique and different from the others.

Sant Pere d'Ambigats

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