Petit Carlania

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Carlania Celler

Barberà de la Conca

Conca de barberà

Variety:  Trepat


A natural wine made without hurry and only with Trepat ecological grape from Barberà de la Conca. The Petit Carlania is young but with personality, it is light and soft but very aromatic and spicy, it is an unfiltered but transparent wine, it is a living wine!

Trepat: An autochthonous variety of the Conca de Barberà, with large and compact fruits, early protection and late ripening. It is sensitive to spring frosts and withstands drought in fresh soils, which are the most suitable. For medium-high yields fresh, light and fruity wines are obtained.
Vinya vella i vinya jove de diferents finques, sòl de textura argilo-calcària i de cultiu biodinàmic. Situada entre 400 i 500  410 m d’altitud. Aquesta situació li confereix unes condicions geològiques excel·lents per al conreu del nostre Trepat. Apliquem sofre amb pols, xerigot, infusions de cua de cavall i els preparats biodinàmics 500 i 501. Certificada CCPAE

They do not add yeasts, enzymes or any other additive during winemaking or in the aging process. They do not filter or clarify their wines. The bottles may have some natural sediment and / or Co2. You have to aerate the wine once the bottle is opened. Each bottle is unique and different from the others.

Petit Carlania

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