List of products by brand Júlia Bernet Vins i Caves

The idea of this concept is based on the fact that the whole process involved in the production of wine and cava carry out and supervise for they. From the planting of the vine, until the disgorgement of each bottle to make the finished product.

Making good wine and good cava, it isn’t a process that begins when the grapes reach the cellar, it begins on the vineyard with the vine’s growing, taking care to the grape. The quality of a good wine or a good cava, resides in this previous work.

They believe that if the grapes have good quality and the processes that we subsequently carried out correctly, it isn’t necessary to manipulate more than necessary wine or cava. This will give it the characteristics that make a great product.

That's why our caves have a low content of sulfites and not applicable or spirits that can change its flavor on the palate.

Your little cellar condition doesn’t allow us to have a great production of wine and cava, but it we can help and have a good quality control.

In the same way, the vineyards where they grow and harvest grapes is located in the coastal mountains Ordal, about 400 meters above sea level.