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Mónica and Quim are the winemakers of Bonans SCP.

Monica is an oenologist, a technician in ecological production and an environmentalist.

Quim is an industrial technical engineer and has experience in the food industry. Lately he has trained in organic vitiviniculture.

They work a vineyard of 4 ha located in the farm Mas Bonano (Piera) in organic production. We realized that the way to get ahead with viticulture and the farm was to add value to our product, the grape. That's why we started to train in oenology.

In 2010 the vineyard was registered with the Catalan Council of Ecological Production with the intention of being able to elaborate and market organic wine.

The vineyard of 4ha that we grow is planted with Parellada and Tempranillo varieties. It is a vineyard of more than 30 years formed in glass. The area is called Plan de la Fonolleda, probably because of the abundance of fennel. In addition, we buy grapes from organic vine growers friends who produce a high quality grape.

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