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Over 20 years ago on the Castell d’Age estates, they introduction the organic farming. The philosophy was brought by Anne Marie. Respect for the land.  Doing things well.  Attention to detail. The results are there to be seen. They’re in the taste.
As the new generation following in her footsteps, they have gone one step further with a move to biodynamic agriculture. A method that respects the relationship between man and earth. Which has always existed.

Respect for the land and the environment are our main priority. Aware that everything that happens on Earth is a reflection of what is happening in the cosmos, they work in accordance with the cycles of the Moon, the planets and the constellations.

Its most valuable treasure is its soil. They look upon it as a living entity, full of life, dynamic and harmonious. It is responsible for making our products unlike any others and for conferring the typical characteristics that we seek for our wines and sparlking wine.

they therefore fertilize it with the bovine compost that they make, and to which they add biodynamic preparations. Use of machinery in the vineyards is kept to a strict minimum. they accept the spontaneous growth of vegetation that ensures biodiversity on its estate. And they utilize the resources with which the land supplies them, to protect the riches bequeathed by our ancestors.

The land first and foremost. The responsibility and love they feel for its environment have forged its identity.

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