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The personality and character of Josep Mitjans is transmitted in his ecologic and biodynamic wines. The connection with the earth and the relationship with the territory and all its surroundings with the universe characterises dynamic wines with personality and character, breathing the countryside and bringing out the Penedès; sparkling wines with personality and character and natural wines with an essence which connects the taste buds with the earth and the spark of life which lies within.

The Loxarel cellar was born from the vocation and innovative spirit of Josep Mitjans who, at just 16 years old, made his first 1000 bottles of sparkling wine, breaking the tradition of bulk production on the estate. That was in 1985. After four generations of contact with vineyards and the land, the moment had arrived to take a step further in the process of elaboration. Mitjans studied as an enologist and took up the challenge of managing the conversion of the business from the family vineyards. In 1987, he registered the Loxarel brand which reclaims the value of the emblematic variety of the house: xarel·lo. Two years later, Teresa Nin joined the company to take over the administration and sales management of the brand, whilst Mitjans concentrated on the technical management of the cellar and the vineyards. Loxarel have a small team of workers who control the vineyards and guarantee that each year the fruits of the earth fill the bottles without losing the essential characteristics of the territory.

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